At Burch Technologies we’re pretty excited to announce that we are now a reseller for Nevatech Sentinet in Australia and New Zealand.

As BizTalk/ESB/SOA and integration specialists Sentinet is a very nice compliment to the work we do for our clients. In fact I would go so far as to say that Nevatech Sentinet is the piece that’s been missing from the Microsoft SOA technology stack for about the last 3 years. As a technologist I was pretty interested to get my hands on the Sentinet software and take a look. I was pretty happy when my feature wishlist was pretty much covered off completely.

This is what Nevatech themselves say about their product…

“Nevatech Sentinet™ is a flexible, lightweight and scalable
API management platform that promotes integration through the use of SOA standards. It is designed to connect, mediate, and manage interactions between services across
the enterprise or in the cloud.”

At Burch Technologies we embrace technology that makes the work that we do easier and enables our clients to achieve  SOA capabilities quicker, and this definitely fits the bill.