June 2007 Blog Posts
As i mentioned earlier this week i am now a "Consultant". This means i will spend most of my working life from this point forward on customer sites. Thats fine except I am now required to wear "notjeans". In my world there are two kinds of pants. Jeans and NotJeans. NotJeans are for weddings, funerals, court appearances and job interview dentist appointments. My sad realisation which i was aware of already but of which I was in deep denial about is that i am now required to wear NotJeans to work.

Well, its groundbreaking and earth shattering, if you're either Me or if you care in any way about my career. That of course limits the impact of this news to about 4 people, all of which are closely related to me (and none of which read this blog).

However, as of today I am now a "Consultant". I have just had my first day in Microsoft Consulting Services as a BizTalk Consultant. So far it feels the same as being an Engineer so maybe they forgot to give me my upgrade to my social/influencing skills. Also they seem to have forgotten to retrieve from me my hardcore geek, brain upgrade kit that I had from my last job.

Anyway needless to say I'm "super excited" to be starting this new job although a little sad to be leaving my old team. But life goes on right? 

So if you're either of my loyal blog readers and you need a BizTalk operations consultant, I'm now OPEN FOR BUSINESS.