Well, its groundbreaking and earth shattering, if you're either Me or if you care in any way about my career. That of course limits the impact of this news to about 4 people, all of which are closely related to me (and none of which read this blog).

However, as of today I am now a "Consultant". I have just had my first day in Microsoft Consulting Services as a BizTalk Consultant. So far it feels the same as being an Engineer so maybe they forgot to give me my upgrade to my social/influencing skills. Also they seem to have forgotten to retrieve from me my hardcore geek, brain upgrade kit that I had from my last job.

Anyway needless to say I'm "super excited" to be starting this new job although a little sad to be leaving my old team. But life goes on right? 

So if you're either of my loyal blog readers and you need a BizTalk operations consultant, I'm now OPEN FOR BUSINESS.


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# re: Groundbreaking earth shattering news...
Posted by Mick on 6/15/2007 11:03 PM
Well done!! Does that mean you'll be wearing 'white shoes' to work as well?

"Trust me - I'm a consultant" line :)
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