Anyone remember playing a computer game from the early 90's called Another World? I played it on my Amiga 500 back in the day. I was also waxing nostalgic a couple of months ago and was watching the run through of it on youtube here. Good times. But anyway, the premise of that really awesome platform adventure game is that a professor turns on a supercollider experiment and it all goes horribly wrong and he gets transported to an alien planet and has to find his way home. I couldn't help making the connection with all the media hoopla about the CERN LHC being switched on.

With the propensity for life to imitate art, I have some advice for the physics geek's at CERN. 1. Get fit, because you're going to do a lot of running away from alien monsters. 2. Take some clean underwear to work because its a long way home from Another World.


BTW, Fade to Black and Flashback, were even better (semi sequels) than Another World.


ps. I don't actually think anything bad will happen when the LHC is turned on. Why do people lose their heads when stuff like this goes down??

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