October 2022 Blog Posts
Hey Friends, This is my very old very neglected blog. I thought I would put a quick update here for continuity sake. This blog was started 2006 when I was working as a specialist BizTalk guy for Microsoft Australia. My company https://www.cloudster.com.au (Cloudster Pty Ltd) still has a small team doing BizTalk related work but I myself have transitioned to a focus on Integration-as-a-service work in the ecommerce and logistics industry. My company https://www.cloudsterconnect.co is where you can find out more about my I-a-a-S work. All our work there is a culmination of everything I learnt doing BizTalk projects and InvoiceSmash. But taking the technology and packaging and democratising access. Its all good fun. The hot new thing for me these last few months is our project IDAConnect (https://www.idaconnect.com) which is a connector for ecommerce customers using Shopify (WooCommerce etc) who are selling on market places such as The Iconic. Mark