The BizTalk product group has announced that the next release of BizTalk will be 2010 and not 2009 R2.

This name change reflects the fact that the next release has more value in it than just a minor release.

BizTalk 2010 is still scheduled to RTM in H1 FY11 (H2 CY2010). This name change will not impact the RTM dates.


Following is list of key capabilities added to the release

1. Enhanced trading partner management that will enable our customers to manage complex B2B relationships with ease

2. Increase productivity through enhanced BizTalk Mapper. These enhancements are critical in increasing productivity in both EAI and B2B solutions; and a favorite feature of our customers.

3. Enable secure data transfer across business partners with FTPS adapter

4. Updated adapters for SAP 7, Oracle eBusiness Suite 12.1, SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2

5. Improved and simplified management with updated System Center management pack

6. Simplified management through single dashboard which enables IT Pros to backup and restore BizTalk configuration

7. Enhanced performance tuning capabilities at Host and Host Instance level

8. Continued innovation in RFID Space with out of box event filtering and delivery of RFID events

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