I’ve been holding off on writing this post as I wanted to get some things clear first. You probably will have seen the news stories last week about 3500 layoffs Microsoft did around the world? Well sure enough, I got headshotted in that go around. I’m going to miss working at Microsoft on two counts. 1. I’m going to miss all the talented colleagues I got to associate with. Hanging around smart people naturally causes you to be smarter…  2. I’m going to miss techready. Techready is the Microsoft readiness event for FTEs..its like Tech.Ed but even more awesome. Its like disneyland for software nerds and I looked forward to it every year.

But you’re wondering what comes next…at this stage my plan is to keep doing what I’ve been doing the last few years…that is, helping my clients with their BizTalk systems. I’m going to continue to leverage my successful consulting track record and provide thought leadership, BizTalk know how, and development skills to my clients. I will be more specific about this over the next little while as things unfold.

If you’re a client I’ve worked with previously and you’re interested in having a chat, lets talk. Contact details at the bottom. What ever you paid for time before, I can assure you I’m now much cheaper.

If you’re a recruiter and have something interesting for me give me a call.

Contacting Mark Burch.

Phone +61 438 259060

Hit the contact button on my blog.

email me at…I’m not going to just type my email address because I’m already over run with spam so this is a small IQ test: My email address  is: myfirstname AT myfirstname mylastname DOT net

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