Just incase there is anyone out there who actually reads my blog I just wanted to apologize for the extreme instability and severe lack of uptime on this blog lately. I think I have all the technical issues sorted now and this blog will now be returned to its 5 9s uptime. That is 99.999% up, except for when its down. Here at Biztorque.net we're totally committed to fudging our SLA metrics to make them show what we want them to say. Hence forth, this blog will be up 99.999% of the time, except for when its not.


You know its bad when the google index for Biztorque.net has this "Application Error! Details. No error message available."

So that's a mea culpa from me...I think things are resolved now.

posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 1:10 PM | Print